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Ditherers! You’ve Had Your Chance at Brexit: Now Shove-Off, It’s Boris’ Turn!

by John Brian Shannon

What is wrong with some people in the UK Parliament?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong; They had their chance and they duffed-it-up beyond all fixing and it took them 3-years to accomplish nothing… other than cost the UK economy £1 billion per month (totalling £38 billion since June 23, 2016) due to economic uncertainty.

To add insult to injury, over that same 3-years the UK continued to pay a £10.5 billion (average) annual net payment to the EU, for a total of £69.5 billion (so far) due to the prolonged Brexit negotiating period. A ‘negotiation’ that in the end, failed spectacularly.

And now they see Boris is going to get the job done in short order — which they imagine will have the effect of making their efforts look pathetic by comparison.

In Short; These People are Poor Losers!

And worse, they won’t allow the new team to get the job done, thereby outing themselves for the ditherers they are. (Fun Fact: The Free Dictionary cites former UK Prime Minister Theresa May 4 out of 10 times in the ‘References’ section under the word ‘ditherer’)

Remoaners… You’ve Already Had Your Chance! So Get Out of the Way and Let Boris Have His Chance!

After 3-years of trying to gain a Brexit deal these people failed to pass the Withdrawal Agreement three times in a row when they were leading the government.

The Conservative Party ‘called time’ on their efforts, because for all the bouncing around the EU and cravenly sucking-up to all and sundry, they accomplished nothing on the Brexit file. Not one thing.

It’s like the proverbial 7-year-olds who tried to play against an adult rugby team; ‘You were getting hammered by your opponents, let alone being unable to keep up with your own team members, and team management pulled your sorry behinds off the field so you wouldn’t embarrass yourselves to the point you’d get booed every time you walked onto a rugby pitch for the rest of your lives.’

In the case of the ‘Remoaner’ Brexit team, getting ‘benched’ by ‘management’ was a mercy! Do these people not get it?

Please View This Chart if You’re a UK Taxpayer & Are Concerned About the Size of the Net Contributions to Brussels (plus the Economic Uncertainty Losses Over the Past 3-Years) All of Which Total £69.5 Billion, so far…

Remember, a ‘net’ payment is the money you don’t get back. It’s a net payment. Get it?

Net UK contributions to the EU

So, Who Really, is Working for the UK taxpayer?

  1. On the one hand, there are those who created this entire mess by dragging Brexit out over 3-years and want the government to double-down on the failed tactics of the Remoaner Brexit team and want the new Prime Minister to tell Britons they must continue to pay insane amounts of money to the EU annually and accept economic uncertainty as a permanent state of affairs in the UK. Meanwhile, the EU continues to say there is absolutely no chance of a change in their Brexit position. So, why work for more delay? What’s to be gained by another missed Brexit deadline? What do you hope to accomplish over 3-more months that you couldn’t accomplish over 3-years? Why are you attempting to play the ball when you’ve been ordered off the field by your own management?
  2. On the other hand, there are those who want to stop the economic haemorrhaging by November 1, 2019 by getting Brexit done and dusted, working diligently and under trying conditions for the country’s taxpayers so that Britons can move on with their lives in a better economy and with proper UK sovereignty restored.

So, who is working for the UK taxpayer? You tell me…

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Theresa May + Customs Union = Conservative Coup?

by John Brian Shannon

While UK Prime Minister Theresa May continues to take the path of least resistance towards Brexit (all the while courting and fawning over EU politicians) Conservative backbenchers are said to be considering their chances of staging a coup against her leadership.

At this point, such a coup attempt would fail and leave Brexit forces in a much weaker position than they’re presently in. Considering they have the will of the people behind them and formalized via the June 2016 referendum result(!) Brexiteers haven’t begun to come close to working their movement to its full and proper potential.

But it’s not only May’s path of least resistance approach that’s raised the ire of the Tory caucus, it now appears PM May is trying to appease both Philip Hammond and the EU by suggesting Britain continue as a member of the existing customs union, or that it should become part of a new customs union.

All of which has conspired to convince Conservative backbenchers that Theresa May might be dithering on her promise of delivering a full Brexit.

“Brexit means Brexit” will have turned into “Brexit Means Half-a-Brexit” if Brexiteers can’t organize and morph into a cogent group with a clear leader — complete with a de facto shadow cabinet within the Conservative caucus ready (ostensibly) to take the reins of power at a moment’s notice.

And most importantly (seeing as Theresa May and Philip Hammond aren’t doing it) to speak out and to sell the many benefits of independence from the EU to people of all political stripes, ipso facto chiding the government for not doing so.

Do we have the wrong Prime Minister for Brexit? Is the task too big for her?

Or is it that Brexiteers, still at this late date, are a poorly organized group of patriots that haven’t gelled together to become a force majeur in British politics — and are therefore unable to take their rightful place as a powerful political bloc that truly represents the will of the people?

Every poll these days reports the collective will of the British people is to get a Brexit deal signed and get on with creating a better future for families, UK companies and the country as a whole. Even those who voted to Remain now agree that Brexit must be completed as soon as possible.

It’s universally agreed that political uncertainty is the enemy of economic progress and that industries need clear regulations in order to thrive. That truism is almost as important as ensuring the democratic will of the people is upheld by the government.

A Weak Brexit Lobby Will Cause a Weak Brexit

Brexiteers should stop blaming Theresa May for being a weak leader and become part of the solution instead of part of the problem!

After creating a nominal shadow cabinet within the Tory caucus, the Brexit faction should be hitting every talk show, every town hall meeting, every photo op and every possible event in order to showcase all that Britain can and should be post-Brexit because if it appears that Brexiteers aren’t enthused about Brexit, why should anyone else be enthused?

Let’s see some easy-to-grasp charts, let’s see some future projections based on best practices, let’s see some side-by-side GDP and per capita income comparisons between staying in the EU vs. leaving the EU. Let’s also see what the £8.6 billion (net) annual savings can do for the UK budget, for NHS funding, for transportation improvements, and so much more!

I strongly suspect that Theresa May is merely reflecting the views of the loudest faction within the Conservative Party (which at this point are the Remainers) and I further suspect that if there isn’t a cogent, united and highly visible faction within the Conservative Party supporting the Brexit viewpoint, Britons are on track for a weak and wobbly EU exit.

My heartfelt advice to all Brexiteers, especially MP’s and MEP’s is to ‘use it or lose it’ because if they don’t, Britons will receive a Brexit in name only.

The ball is in your court, Brexiteers!

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