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Starting March 29 Britain Decides it’s Own Future


March 2017

by John Brian Shannon | March 27, 2017

On June 23, 2016 a majority of Britons decided to leave the European Union via democratic referendum, and it may be that leaving the EU will involve some inconvenience to citizens and a ton of work for the government.

Still, that’s a microscopic price to pay in order for Britons to be fully in control of their own future — instead of their future being controlled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels who seem ambivalent to the cares and concerns of British citizens, and who would rather continue to use the UK as a cash cow to fund their pet projects / and as the country that shoulders a disproportionate share of European defense via the UK’s strong NATO spending commitment.

From March 29, 2017 onward the future of Britain will increasingly be determined by Britons, and not by a foreign government. That alone is sufficient reason to bear any perceived inconvenience and the extra work involved in accomplishing the goal of a truly independent Britain.

British citizens working through their elected representatives can now create any type of country they want. Opportunities as big as the sky abound, let no person tell you that Britain can’t become all that she can and should be!

If any failure occurs henceforth, it will be the failure of not thinking ‘big enough’ — as the aspirations of Britons have been lowered to such a level in recent decades that even the basics seem unattainable and reserved for a lucky few; Things like a quality education for every student, a choice of jobs at the end of one’s education, a fulfilling career, along with a comfortable home within reach of every quintile group and a high level of public infrastructure throughout the country.

I urge the Home Office to create a website where British citizens can leave their suggestions to improve the country in any way (via a simplified form, in 300 words or less) where those ideas are automatically forwarded by relevant keyword to the affected departments. Undoubtedly, some of the suggestions will have merit, and the departments that thrive over time will (obviously) be the departments paying close attention to those submitted ideas.

Perhaps the Home Office will tabulate the suggestions by keyword and thereby be informed of which requests rank most highly among citizens. Even better if the Home Office rewards the people submitting the best ideas (via a free pass to visit London’s attractions) that show the government where to cut waste, resolve duplication of service issues, increase productivity, or streamline supply chains.

Now, after creating a great empire that survived two World Wars thrust upon it by continental Europe, after surviving the Cold War, and after generously agreeing to join the European Community in 1972 to help it unite continental Europe so that there will never be a war there again, the United Kingdom is now free! to become all that it can and should be.

With the right vision set by the government and the determination of the British people — Britain can thrive as never before — creating a country that works for all citizens, a country in which every Briton can take deep pride, and a country that excels in all sectors.

By listening to citizens and by adopting the optimum policies, the 21st-century will belong to Britain. Brexit is merely one step towards that best future!

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