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Will there be a UK/EU Trade Deal?

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October 2020

One would hope there will be a UK/EU trade deal signed by 2021, but there’s no reason good enough to give away the entire country as a way to obtain a trade deal — a deal that should be as important to the EU as it is to Britain.

The EU mindset seems to be to stridently ask for everything and if the Brits are incompetent enough to grant everything, then the EU won’t mind taking it.

But it seems that every time the UK government stands up for UK business and for Britons, the cries of being treated unfairly reach another record-setting crescendo.

Listen to the rhetoric that the EU side is using to force the UK to agree to their terms:

“The UK needs to take “significant steps” in the coming days to secure a trade deal with the EU, the European Council president said.”

“Charles Michel said talks were approaching a “moment of truth” ahead of a crucial EU summit…”

“The Irish PM, Micheál Martin said “movement” was required before “end-state negotiations”…”

“…Mr Michel said… the UK side needed to take “significant steps”…”

“The coming days are crucial,” he added.” — Excerpts from BBC

There’s nothing like putting all the pressure on the UK side hoping they panic and agree to sign everything away at the last minute! That’s obviously the EU tactic here.

The EU (so far) has Taught the UK that Polite Diplomacy Doesn’t Work

“Everyday, we teach others how to treat us.”

The UK side has played the entire Brexit thing very politely. In fact, too politely.

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May flew to Brussels dozens of times (often on very short notice) with no way to prepare as she wasn’t always told what was to be discussed — only to return later that day, disappointed, frustrated, empty-handed and beat-up after listening to another EU browbeating.

On top of all that, she was forced to face the then-cowed UK Parliament (not all of them, but enough to add more misery to her day) and face the then mostly pro-EU media.

She deserved better than she got.

I still feel sorry for Theresa May who was the UK’s diplomatic champion yet got nothing but disrespect from all sides. She deserves an OBE for her perseverance and for displaying almost superhuman goodwill towards the Inquisition panel over in Brussels.

Now we have Prime Minister Boris Johnson fighting for the UK and with a very capable team. Good luck, Boris! You’re going to need it.

More than anything else, were I advising UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, I would suggest he hire several of the UK’s best psychologists to explain to Boris and his team what is going on in the EU heads.

And I’m happy to inform you as to what those psychologists might say…

‘Mr. Johnson, there’s no agreement that will ever be good enough for the EU. They are suffering because their best example of what the EU is trying to attract to their bloc decided to leave and they are embarrassed and upset. And to add further pain, the UK was their 2nd-best economic contributor to the European Union annual budget.’

‘Nothing you can offer them Boris, will ever be good enough, no matter what! Therefore, trying to give them a sweet deal on fishing rights, automobile trade, energy, or anything else in an attempt to soothe their hurt feelings represents the worst kind of political folly.’

‘Therefore, please walk away Boris if they’re going to put a higher priority on their bad mood than on their future relationship with the UK and The Commonwealth of Nations.’

Let ourselves never fall into the trap the EU has set for itself.

by John Brian Shannon


  1. Tim Walker says:

    These topics are discussed in detail by Jeff Taylor in his YouTube Brexit videos.

    Mr. Taylor describes the efforts of the EU to turn the UK into a vassal. And to squeeze tribute out of the UK.

    Mr. Taylor also announces trade deals that the UK has just signed, so as the new agreement with Ukraine.

    (I supposed this could be listed as the UK/Uk deal). 🙂

    • Very true, Tim!

      I have watched many (and posted a few on this site) Jeff Taylor vids since 2016, although not as many recently.

      He is always concise, on-topic and brilliant, IMHO.

      Great to have a trade deal with Ukraine!

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment here at LetterToBritain.com

      Cheers! JBS

  2. Tim Walker says:

    Thank you John.

    It seems that Eastern Europe has potential for some interesting trade relationships.

  3. Tim Walker says:

    Prospects are good for developing a thriving a trade network.

    However, if people follow the opportunities, this network may seem a bit odd. Even to Brexit supporters.

    Proposals have usually focussed on the Commonwealth. I have also seen NAFTA mentioned, as well as an emphasis on three large markets-India, China, and the United States.

    But…. What about Ukraine? Or the Pacific Alliance? And a few other countries that have been discussed, countries that historically the UK has had little involvement with?

    • Well said, Tim.

      Trade is so important to the UK that I feel HM’s government should create a full Ministry of Foreign Trade — complete with it’s own Secretary and equivalent standing to the Foreign Secretary — but his or her role limited to trade only.

      I will be posting on this topic, next week.

      Best regards, JBS

  4. Tim Walker says:

    On the other hand, I would say the prospects are very poor for getting a decent trade deal with the EU. The UK government has been trying to negotiate with people who keep making outrageous demands.

    Perhaps the EU will try to panic the UK government by waiting to the last minute to offer a trade deal…a very bad trade deal.

    • Yes Tim, I see it exactly as you do.

      The EU now knows that the only way they can ‘win’ is for the UK side to score an ‘own goal’ by making a mistake or by losing confidence.

      For my part, I have full confidence in HM government to handle the Brexit process, regardless of any (temporary) EU pressures.

      I’m hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and can hardly wait to get on with doing whatever I can to help the UK again be all that it can and should be, following Brexit.

      Thank you again for your well thought comments! JBS

  5. Tim Walker says:

    John, you may want to review the June first video by Jeff Taylor. It seems that since the Brexit referendum small British firms have diverted ten billion pounds of business away from the EU to the wider world.

    Suggesting that the British economy is becoming pre-adapted to a post Brexit world.

    This is getting rather far from question about a UK/EU trade deal, but I had already concluded that it is a lost cause.

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