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Day 1020 of Theresa May’s premiership: And still no Brexit in Sight

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May 2019

by John Brian Shannon

It’s tough, being a Brexit reporter these days. No news on the Brexit file to speak of other than Theresa May pops up occasionally to issue a statement on Brexit that sounds like this; “We’re still working on Brexit, and there’s no reason we couldn’t have a deal to Leave the EU within days.”

Except that the years, months, weeks and days are ticking past and not one thing has happened on the Brexit file other than a lot of gassing-off by politicians about how they intend to ‘deliver’ Brexit.

In a week or two, expect yet another pronouncement from 10 Downing Street with a similar message to the one above, “We’re still working on Brexit, and we could have a deal soon,” or some other roboticised version of it.

Every week is the same. Nothing changes.

Everyone in the UK carries on in a dreamlike trance as if Theresa May actually intends to deliver Brexit someday (fools!) even though proof is to the contrary for almost 3-years now. Can you say, “Stockholm Syndrome”?

(In case you’ve forgotten, Stockholm Syndrome refers to the psychological effects among a group of hostages, who begin to feel a psychological alliance with, and actively begin to help, their captors)

Yes, Theresa May is holding Britons captive by endlessly promising to deliver Brexit — but with no intention at all of delivering it because Brexit is what The People want — and as long as they continue to want it she’ll continue to dangle that carrot in front of them.

And when that no longer works because the majority of Britons have turned against Brexit on account of the economic uncertainty that TM and her band of Remainers have created due to the overly-extended Brexit ‘negotiating period’, she’ll find another carrot to dangle in front of Britons thereby allowing her to stay in the top job even longer.

Yes folks, it’s all about ‘dangling whatever carrot will do the trick’ at 10 Downing Street these days.

Anything to stay in the top job! Because all Theresa May wants is a ‘job for life’ at Number 10 Downing Street. It’s all so Orwellian.

If you think I’m disappointed with ‘job for life’ May, you’d be right.

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