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Day 1000 of Theresa May’s premiership & Still No Brexit!


April 2019

by John Brian Shannon

1000 days have passed since Theresa May MP was appointed UK Prime Minister by her Conservative Party in the wake of former PM David Cameron’s departure from politics, and subsequent to his resignation, Theresa May triggered an election for June 8, 2017 — which the Conservatives won — but with a reduced number of seats in the House of Commons.

I think anytime we give someone 1000-days to accomplish a task (Brexit, in this case) and they can’t or won’t fulfil their promises, we must conclude that the person in question never had their heart in delivering on their promises, or that they’re too incompetent to deliver on them.

(Britain and its allies defeated Nazi Germany in 2044-days, by way of comparison)

And frankly, I don’t care whether Theresa May didn’t deliver Brexit because she wasn’t serious about it in the first place, or whether she’s too incompetent to deliver it, or whether she didn’t deliver it because she hates the price of coffee — she’s got to go!

There’s no excuse good enough to keep someone in a job whose mandate was to deliver Brexit for Britons and who subsequently failed in that project for more than 1000-days.

Theresa May has failed Britons. It’s time for someone else in the Conservative Party to take the reins and deliver Brexit at the earliest possible date, or failing that rather low bar, deliver Brexit anytime prior to the next election. And if they can’t deliver on their oft-repeated Brexit promises (a major policy in their party manifesto) then they don’t deserve to be the government and voters should vote Labour into government at the next regularly scheduled election.

Theresa May’s desperation to stay in the job and continue to flog her quite obviously dead in the water Withdrawal Agreement / Political Declaration / Joint Instrument / BINO Brexit is looking a bit unseemly these days — and the next step beyond ‘unseemly’ is that her entire premiership begins to look like a ‘disaster’ retroactively from Day-1.

And that would be a shame, because apart from not delivering Brexit, and having a tin ear, and a bit of weird dancing, she’s done a pretty good job.

But the point is; She was hired on as The Brexit Prime Minister and now, at Day-1000 of her premiership, she’s failed to deliver.

I for one, am not willing to countenance another 1000-days of economic uncertainty, nor 1000-more days of Theresa May pretending to deliver Brexit without actually delivering it, nor another 1000-days of political paralysis throughout the European hemisphere. Nor am I willing to countenance another week of this needless turmoil. And neither should anyone else, IMHO.

Leave now, Theresa, with your pride intact — before your good work on things like the economy, on energy, on the NHS, and Universal Credit — gets lost in the maelstrom of your party tossing you from the PM’s chair.

Send us a postcard from the House of Lords where you’ll surely end up and where you deserve to be; But your time on the Brexit file must end. Three years of economic uncertainty is ENOUGH!

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