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Day 1041 of Theresa May’s premiership: Andrea Leadsom resigns & The Brexit Party hits 37% support in YouGov poll

by John Brian Shannon

Well, it finally happened! The Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom — one of the classiest ladies in politics anywhere, has had enough! Andrea Leadsom has resigned from the government.

That means she will sit as a backbench MP in the meantime, presumably until there is a leadership contest and a new leader is chosen, as she’s too experienced for any Prime Minister to leave sitting on the sidelines. Theresa May, what were you thinking?!?!

Perhaps the UK will be lucky enough to find Andrea Leadsom as the next Prime Minister, even if she acts as interim PM until such times as the Conservative Party can hold a proper leadership contest.

If she does become interim leader I’d be thrilled — as long as she delivers Brexit by October 31, 2019 — even if it means a WTO-style Brexit.

Visit Andrea Leadsom’s website here.

The Brexit Party sprints from 34% to 37% in the space of one week

European Parliament elections 2019

Image courtesy of Statista

As you can see, Labour has fallen from 21% to 13% since last week, while the Conservatives fell from 11% to 7% since last week, in the latest (YouGov) poll.

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